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I am very happy that you have decided to join me on my Costa Rica tour! We will see and photograph an incredible number of animals. With some useful information I would like to help you to prepare for the tour. Some of it is general information, some of it is just my subjective opinions and experiences.


We will be in Costa Rica at the end of the rainy season. So there will still be plenty of rainfall in places. This is a good thing, as we can expect to see a lot of wildlife activity. However, we have to be prepared for the rain and the high humidity.


The rain has already been mentioned, so be sure to bring light and breathable rain jackets with you. Alternatively, a rain poncho is also a good choice. You will sweat a little more when wearing the poncho, but the (camera) backpack is also covered.

Because of mosquitos I usually prefer long trekking pants and outdoor shirts.
Quite hot and humid weather makes you sweat a lot, so bring enough clothes (espe­cially shirts and socks). Laundry service is not always available and usually quite ex­pensive. Be smart and bring enough clothes to get by with hand washing. An airtight bag to seal out any moisture and especially odors is recommended.

Often hiking boots are the most comfortable choice. But in particularly muddy and wet conditions rubber boots are best. You can either bring rubber boots (if there is enough space in your luggage), or buy some at the beginning of the trip.
For the time in the cloud forest you should have a sweater or something similar with you. At this altitude it gets surprisingly chilly.

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