COSTA RICA | Herping Tour

Together with local nature guides and biologists, we will search for amphibians and reptiles.
Our accommodations are beautiful eco-lodges with direct access to hiking trails in the rainforest. They also have bird feeders, which enable us to observe numerous birds such as toucans easily at breakfast. 

During the day we go on excursions and for example we enjoy the macro photography of poison dart frogs. We will do many night hikes to discover the nocturnal species and take pictures of them. In addition to the world-famous Red-eyed Tree Frog and Glass Frogs, there are many other amphibians and reptiles to see.


Prepare for an unforgettable experience, countless sightings of exotic animals and a lot of great pictures on your memory card. There are only 4 spots available, so make a reservation in time and make sure you are part of the Herping team!