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Herping Tour

5 - 16 November 2023

6 spots taken
Tour is full!

The nature of Costa Rica is incredibly beautiful and versatile. There are tropical rainforests, highland cloud forests, dry forests, as well as beautiful beaches, rivers, waterfalls and volcanoes.

The small country in Central America is famous for its rich biodiversity. There are approximately 400 different species of reptiles and amphibians! The Red-eyed Tree Frog, Poison Dart Frogs, and the Eyelash Viper, which, in addition to countless other color variants, also occurs in bright yellow, are just some prominent examples.

No wonder Costa Rica is a very popular destination for nature lovers in general and especially also herpers.




The whole tour I will be available as your guide and we will do mainly trips as a group. But you will also have the opportunity to explore jungle trails on your own, enjoy comfortable bird watching at the lodge, just relax, or do whatever you feel like.

In addition, we will team up with local guides and benefit from their knowledge.

When it comes to photography, I can assist with advice and action, to ensure that you get tons of great photos.



To provide a very personal and matey atmosphere, the limit of participants is 6.

So there is also the possibility to respond to individual wishes and we have the best conditions to photograph without stress or crowding.


An experienced driver will transport us in a very spacious and air-conditioned private bus. From airport pick up through the entire tour to airport drop off, a safe and comfortable journey is arranged. 


We will stay in different parts of the country to maximize the diversity of species and landscapes we can explore.

Excellent eco lodges, surrounded by nature with hiking trails will be our homes for this trip.



This is a herping trip, so of course we will focus on reptiles and amphibians. But in addition we will also have the opportunity for some high quality bird photography.

Without neglecting the herpetofauna, we will be able to observe countless bird species. Thanks to their rainforest surroundings and feeders, our lodges are ideal places for bird watching.

Even the optional visit to an excellent King Vulture hide is possible during the tour. (no extra charge!)

Price 2300 €



  • guides + photography workshop

  • all lodging

  • ground transportation

  • breakfast + dinner, water

  • king vulture hide

  • flights to San Jose

  • insurance costs

  • vaccination and medical costs

  • extra meals, snacks and beverages

  • optional extra activities / taxi rides

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