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The sixth leg

They may not be very popular in general, but I think they are extremely interesting and photogenic: Insects. Here is a little insight into the insect world of Costa Rica. I took all these pictures with my 100mm f2.8 macro lens.

Chlosyne rosita - Rosita Patch

Chlosyne rosita - Rosita Patch

I start with the most popular one, a butterfly. The Rosita Patch (Chlosyne rosita). Both pictures show the same animal.

I am not entirely sure about the ID of this one, but I assume it's a Leafhopper (Paromenia auroguttata). During a night-time search for Glass Frogs along a stream I found this little "false alert" creature underneath a leaf.

This Lubber Grasshopper (Taeniopoda sp.) can occur in very high numbers. It was a little windy while I took the picture, so it was the best to focus on an individual on the ground, instead of the other ones shaking around in the vegetation.

A very pretty, golden beetle: The Shining Leaf Chafer (Pelidnota strigosa)

Most katydids are herbivores. The Rhinoceros Katydid (Copiphora rhinoceros) feeds on plants too, but thanks to its mighty jaw, it is able to prey also on animals. The diet includes insects and invertebrates and even small frogs or lizards.

I don't know what species of grasshoppers those are, but I am sure, there will be some more of them soon.

I saw this very small and beautiful Togarna Hairstreak (Arawacus togarna) close to the beach in Cahuita National Park.


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