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Eat or be eaten

During my last night walk in the rainforest, I saw only the species I already found the nights before. When I spotted a Leptodeira septentrionalis from a distance, my first thought was like "ah ok cool... another one, not very exci... wait what?!"

After I got closer I recognized it was preying on a frog. It's my first observation of an eating snake in Costa Rica. I took some pictures and then moved a little further.

I didn't want to disturb too much. (Though, I assume the snake didn't care at all)

While I was waiting for the snake to swallow it's food, I seized the time to take some pictures of luckier frogs in the area. After some minutes I returned to the scene and watched the frog disappear completly into the snake's mouth.

Common species, but pretty nice timing. Talking about timing: Maybe two minutes later, the rain got very heavy and I had to put away my camera.


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