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Scaly Emerald

The drive away from the coast and further inland led us into a very beautiful, hilly landscape. At the stone walls we found some amazing lizards.

European Green Lizard - habitat

The German name of the European Green Lizard (Lacerta viridis) is "Smaragdeidechse", which translates to "Emerald Lizard". Both names fit very well and so the coloration of this handsome reptile is not really a suprise.

European Green Lizard & Dalmatian Wall Lizard

Compared to the Dalmatian Wall Lizard (Podarcis melisellensis) in the top left corner, the Emerald Lizard is huge. These two species enjoyed their sunbathing while peacefully ignoring each other.

Lacerta viridis - European Green Lizard

Lacerta viridis - European Green Lizard

I carefully sneaked up to a nicely colored male. I got very close and took a lot of pictures.

Lacerta viridis - European Green Lizard

After proving my patience, I was lucky too: My bright green model was not only used to my presence, it was obviously even bored - and yawned! This observation and a collection of great pictures made my day.


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